Yes. Obamacare will experience screwups in the initial stages. Now can we move on?

I don’t expect Obamacare to run like a well-oiled machine straight outta the gate when it kicks in on January of next year, and neither should anyone else with at least a functional IQ hovering comfortably in the upper two-digit range.  It doesn’t require a high level of education to figure out that such a massive undertaking as transforming the entire health care system for more than 300 million Americans is likely to have some bumps in the road on the way to what we all should hope is a better day.

As a matter of fact, I’m gonna go out on a limb here and just out and out predict that there will be some major screwups over the next year or so, and opponents of Obamacare will be milking those screwups for all their worth throughout 2014. The boiling point, I predict, will be around November. Not because the opponents have a tendency to overheat the closer they get to cooler weather, but because that is when (you guessed it) the mid-term elections will be taking place. And Republicans figure the best weapon they have is their plan to sabotage any and all efforts to provide more affordable health care for the majority of Americans.

But you can’t stop stupid. Stupid is hard-headed, so you might as well let it keep banging its little head against the tree. But for the rest of us who reside slightly higher up on the food chain, whenever  we hear the shrieks and yells of how Obamacare is killing us all because the engine didn’t kick in at the first turn of the key, just keep this in mind; there were quite a few versions of the automobile before we reached the Cadillac and the Mercedes. But we never would have gotten there if production had screeched to a terminal halt after the Model T.

Progress is an evolutionary engine.


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