Writing about the music, it ain’t easy for me…

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When I saw it, I pretty much knew it was something I needed to do. Something I needed to write about.

Because as much as music has had to do with my life, and as much as my life has had to do with music, it surprises even me how little I’ve ever actually written about my relationship with it. How much it has defined me throughout my entire life, even now at this rather suspended period in my life when I haven’t played a live gig in more than two years. I know some of the reasons, but not all. And something tells me I won’t ever know all of those reasons for certain until the day comes when I begin to perform once again. And the day will come.

Anyway, as she does, my wife always keeps an eye out for anything and everything to keep my creative from growing cold during this particular period. We don’t discuss it much, but then we don’t have to. We’ve been married that long. We can discuss some things without a word ever breathing the open air. But going back to where this was supposed to be going in the first place, she passes along this one event she came across called “Stories of Music” which seeks to collect work from a sampling of writers talking about how music has impacted their lives. The more I thought about it – and there I continue to think about it – I could actually write my own book about that particular subject all by itself. That story has been stomping around upstairs in the attic of my brain for years now but…

In time.

So perhaps, or at least I’m hoping, regardless of whether my piece even manages to make it in, that tossing myself into the deep end on this one will finally open up that attic door and let that critter out. But what also got my attention about this particular project is the attached cause, which isn’t just to publish a book of writers talking about how much they like music, but to feed the health of music itself…

The Cause

Authors and artists who contribute to Stories of Music are not only paid for their work, but also help support national and global music programs. Ten percent of book proceeds will be donated to organizations that provide music education and music therapy services. Those who submit stories have the opportunity to contribute to this effort, and the more stories we receive the more frequently we can publish additional volumes and continue giving. Through Stories of Music, we hope to generate positive music experiences for years to come.


Oh yeah. Lemme in.

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