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Exactly how long can black folk live out here in these stars..?

So yesterday I was talking a bit about what, exactly, does black science fiction look like? What makes it different from the rest? Or is it really that much different at all, and does it need to be? And one question which I didn’t even get to, but I should have, was whether we authors of black science fiction are obligated to write sci fi with black or multicultural themes, because there is so precious little (as in practically none) out there unless we supply it?

Would it be cool if I had written Star Wars? I’m talking the very first one, not the later episodes with Billy Dee Williams and Sam Jackson.

Would it be cool?

So these are just some of the questions, and they have been percolating in the minds of African American authors of pretty much all genres of fiction from the first one on down. Do we have a duty when we write, or can’t we just write? Do we have to work to make it black fiction, or is it black fiction/sci fi simply by virtue of the fact that a black person wrote it? And do we see sci fi the same way as white readers? Is the function/purpose the same, and does it have the same effect on us when we read about a civilizationof robots far, far away?

Like I say, these are just some of the questions, and none of them have simple answers. Most of the questions don’t even have one single answer. Maybe they don’t even have a right or wrong answer. But just putting these discussions out there, putting us  out there, is why I’m always on the lookout for not just black but multicultural sci fi/fantasy sites. Sometimes it gets lonely out here in space, so from time to time I need to reach out and see if there’s any family out here. Most recently I ran across a site that got me bouncing up and down in my seat, and at 56 years old I don’t do that much. That site is Worlds of Fantasy Update: Fantasy and Sci Fi in COLOR. And I just love it. It’s like a great big newspaper for black sci fi geeks, nerds, and the rest of us misfits.

So if you’ve already found it, then forgive me for being on the slow bus. And by no means is this the only or the coolest sci fi site out there. There are many and they are growing and I’m always behind as I try to catch up with all of them. As I find them I add them to my links, and if you know of some others then by all means let me know. Because this ain’t about ranking, it’s about being here. And letting folks know that we’re here.

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