Who Stole the Zmulobeast? Chapter 3, Scene 2


Chief was starting to get the same kind of look on her face as the one Maria had when I pounded on her about getting too attached to the Zmulo fur. Chief apologized pretty quickly, then told Arthur to start things off by telling us all what the three of them had found out. She promised to bring me and Maria back into it once they were through with their part. We said fine. So then Arthur, being Arthur, decides this would be a good time to remind all of us how lucky we were to have him and Zuke aboard the team – but especially him. This goes on for a few minutes before Zuke steers him toward what it was we’d come there  to hear. Way to go Zuke.

“So you see, Zuke and I figured out early on that there just wasn’t any more intelligence to be gathered at the playground. You might say it was a dry well.”

There he goes with that intelligence bit again.

“That’s when we decided to track down our good friend Stool Pigeon, who you see sitting there across from us against the wall.”

After hearing his name, Stool Pigeon looked around the room, grinned in his weird little way, then  nodded greetings.

“After discussing the situation at hand, see, we all agreed that what was really needed to make any progress here was a strategy. A plan. A method. See, the one thing you kids need to understand is that you just can’t get anything done without a plan, all right? So that’s what we did. The three of us came up with a plan.”

“And that plan was what, Arthur?” asked Chief.

Arthur cleared his throat again.

“Okay, it wasn’t exactly a plan, see. You can call it more of a hunch. Yeah, that’s what it was, a hunch. See we had a hunch…”

“I’m the one who had the hunch, Arthur. You and Zuke tagged along. If you’re gonna tell the story, man, tell it right.”

“Correction. Mr. Stool Pigeon had a hunch. This hunch, which was no doubt inspired by the presence of Zuke and myself, was that there was something going on down at the loading docks.”

I could see Stool Pigeon wanted to insert another correction to Arthur’s story, but then he just shrugged and shook his head. That Arthur, I’m tellin’ you, the kid’s a piece of work.

“Let me report that this hunch, as I may have already said, was inspired by the presence of Zuke and myself. And it was a correct one. There was indeed suspicious activity going on down at the docks, which was in need of checking out. So being the detectives that we are, we did just that. We checked it out. Stool Pigeon? I think I’ll turn this over to you right now. It’s not that I don’t know what else happened, of course, but just that it seems we should all share in telling what it is we found out there. Carry on, Pigeon.”

Yep, the thought of ankle-biting did cross my mind, but if I bit that kid’s ankles every time he acted up he wouldn’t have any ankles left. Judging by the look on Stool Pigeon’s face, I’d say I wasn’t the only one considering ankle biting. But if I’d get in trouble for trying to get a nibble, and I’m a dog, you can imagine what kind of time they’d put a kid through for biting another kid’s ankles. Not good.

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