Who Stole the Zmulobeast Chapter 2 Scene 5


In a way, it was something to smile about. But looking at it from the point of view of the Zmulobeast? This probably wasn’t a smiling-type situation.

See, the fur was stuck inside the jaws of  a steel trap – with the initials ‘B.G.’ engraved on the right-hand side.


Anyway, it was one big clump of rainbow-colored fur about the size of a small squirrel. Even with the blood on it, anyone could see how pretty the stuff was. Maria walked over to pull it out of the trap, then she rubbed it against my muzzle. Hadn’t ever felt anything that soft. Ever. Maria just kept looking at the stuff and rubbing it on her arm for the longest time, and I was beginning to wonder…

“It’s just so…I mean, this is probably terrible for me to say, but I can almost understand why someone might want to steal this animal for the fur. It is wrong, but yet the fur is so…beautiful…”

“Maria? You shouldn’t ever say anything like that again. Imagine how you’d feel if someone peeled your skin and tried to sell it. How would that make you feel?

She winced as if she’d banged her toe into a rock.

“Ouch! Is that the only example you could come up with?”

“Worked didn’t it?”

After awhile she nodded, looking ashamed.

“Okay, but why do you think the animal trap was there, Spike? I mean, if the   Zmulobeast can fly, how did it get caught in a trap down here on the ground? And what was a trap this dangerous doing in a park so close to a place where kids like us play? And…HEY. What are those tire tracks doing there? Isn’t it illegal for cars to drive through this part of  the park?”

You know, I’d appreciate it if she’d try just one question at a time. But hey, they don’t call me the wonderdog for nothin’.

“Pretty simple, at least about how it ended up getting caught. See, I figure it was flyin’   around up there munchin on all those leaves and whatever else it does up there in the air, right? After awhile is when it decided to give the wings a rest. That’s when it came back down – right on the trap.”

“But there’s no way anybody could have known that…”

“You’re right. So if nobody mean to do it,  then what’s that tell you, kiddo?”

“Oh no…”

“Oh yeah. Those poachers didn’t have this thing in mind when they set the trap. Way I figure it, this whole thing was an accident. Simple as that. Whoever caught our little alien friend probably hadn’t ever seen one before, but once they checked it out they knew they’d seen enough to know they liked what they saw. So they decided to take it anyway. That would explain the tire tracks…and all this garbage lying around. I don’t think I’ve ever seen…Would you like to take a look at this mess? I’m thinkin’, Spike, that whoever did this never had to clean their doghouse as a pup.

I turned my head to the sky to avoid looking at the scene in front of us and that’s when I saw it. There it was. Glowing against the clouds; the Pi sign.

“Wow. I didn’t expect Chief to put the call out so soon,” I said.

We looked at each other for about a second.

“I think we better hurry.”

“Hey, you’re the one with just two legs.”

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