When living the dream kills the hype

This dog is living my life. Photo Credit. jokeroo.com

It was never about a choice. Not really. But even though I didn’t have much of a choice in the matter about whether I would one day become a writer and musician, living the dream, it still took me nearly fifty years to get to this point.

Kind of gives new meaning to that phrase, ‘make every moment count’, don’t you think?

But the point here, honestly speaking, is that sometimes it really does take a long time to step onto that road and stay on it like you mean it. Maybe even way longer than it should have. Then again, if you subscribe to the philosophy that things happen for a reason, then I guess I’m where I am now because that’s just the way it was supposed to turn out. Not quite sure I’m buying into that all the way, but it definitely makes me feel better about those times when I didn’t pursue my dreams a bit harder than I did. Because maybe that was all part of the big…

Yeah. Anyway.

I have been a lot of things on the way to now. For most of my professional career I’ve been a print journalist working at a lot of different newspapers, but I’ve also been a warehouse coordinator in Chicago (place got so cold on the warehouse floor in the winter that some of us literally stepped into the freezer where they kept the cheese to warm up), a secretary at the Burn Unit of the University of Chicago Hospital (one of the wildest times of my life, strange as that might seem), and I slung boxes at UPS for three years, from 4-8 in the morning, right here in Detroit. My last ‘real’ job was working for Wayne County before being laid off after five years. With just 45 minutes’ worth of warning. And it was from that point forward that I believe I can now honestly say began to really take seriously the idea of doing what I was always meant to do full-time. Because I didn’t have any options. I was over 50, I figured the likelihood of me getting hired full-time anywhere that was worth working full-time was something fading away fast in the rear view, which meant looking forward I needed to make some adjustments. And fast.

That was nearly five years ago, and I wish I could be the one to tell the story of how all the doors opened just as soon as I started knocking because now I had finally found the courage to follow my dream. Right? Yeah, well…no. Truth of the matter is it got even harder, to the point where sometimes I would have practically begged someone to let me quit. At least that’s what I fantasized about sometimes.

Except there was no one to beg except myself and my wife. And wasn’t neither one of us having’ it because we were too busy working.

Speaking of which…

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