When it’s what you love…

Working on the new album last night (nobody even calls them albums any more, do they?) for Freedom Underground, and couldn’t help but enjoy the feeling that working with music and art always brings. It’s the kind of feeling you get when you know you’re doing what it is that you love, not simply what you’re required to do so that the lights don’t get shut off. I remember sending out a tweet that I could pretty much live in a recording studio and that is the honest truth.

Well, it would be the truth if I weren’t married. Not that the wife isn’t incredibly supportive but umm…no. Not that.

But back to the point being made, which is that there is no better feeling. Adding a phrase here, polishing up a note until it shines. Hearing that missing part in your head. Or the feeling we all feel as a band as we each lend a vision to the other’s vision, in the spirit of making a better whole. Watching the form take on clearer shape as the night wears on.

But then, always, there are the ghosts raging in the back of my mind, screaming that none of this will amount to anything. All those hours in the studio, all those hours imagining and creating new songs, seeing, believing, building.

All those hours for the sake of love.


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