We don’t freeze in Michigan. But you probably will

Like I said, it’s kinda cold here…

It’s negative seven degrees outside, but that’s not what really matters. And besides, as my wife points out so helpfully, this is Michigan. Plus there’s no wind right now, and the sun is out full force. To all residents of places like Florida and Palm Beach, this must seem like a difference that makes no difference. Which is why you live in places like Florida and Palm Beach; you really don’t know any better.

But for the warriors among us, we know that negative seven degrees with sunshine and no wind is a negative seven degrees that really isn’t near so bad as it sounds when you hear someone tell you that it’s seven degrees outside. Or when you hear the announcement from the weather forecaster who is no longer trying to put a smiley face on the situation – like he normally does on everything including child murder – and is telling you frankly that if you stay outside longer than  five seconds you will likely die. But what we warriors know is that it is that bitter wind that makes those negative degrees hurt, because the wind likes to slap people around. Not gently, not like a snooty patrician gentleman with silk gloves, but more like a teamster smacking you across the mouth with the brass buckle on his belt. Over and over again until you get your ass inside.

But anyway I was getting to what matters, which is that I am recommitting myself for roughly the (mumble, mumble) time to faithfully posting on my blogsite on at least  a weekly basis. But see, before you sneer, there is a reason (isn’t there always?) and it is as follows: I had no problem providing tons of content to my earlier blog, The “D” Spot, because I talked a lot about politics and stuff like that. But see, this is a post about me as a writer, and now I’m working hard to keep my politics separate. And so I struggle to come up with topics that I think might be as much fun to read as to write, and for awhile that hasn’t been too easy. Actually kinda hard. Because first I tried the writer advice thing, but then I realized there’s way too much of that out there already, and besides, I haven’t won my Pulitzer yet, so…really? Then I tried the “I’m struggling so hard as a writer” thing, offering inside glimpses at my angst. But then, 0f course, came the obvious realization of, who gives a f—?

And so now I’m back with my brash, bold new approach to blogging. Namely being me. And you’re going to love it because, well, I told you to. This is my blog, and it’s not a damned democracy.

Enjoy your life.



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2015-02-24 22:32:42 Reply

I totally enjoyed it, Keith. lol


    2015-02-25 11:22:51 Reply

    Thank you Cheri!

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