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So I just got back from my bi-monthly Writer Mastermind meeting and it’s hard to believe how it all got started when I’m looking at how far it has come in such a short time.

I started the group about three years ago when I decided I needed someone to bounce ideas off of, to keep me inspired and focused. Writing can be lonely as hell, and sometimes it helps to emerge from the cave and toss the creative spark around with others who appreciate what it takes to fan that spark into a flame. So I called a good friend of mine who used to work with me at the Michigan Chronicle some years ago and asked if he and his dad (also a writer) would be interested in meeting occasionally just to talk about writing and toss ideas around.He was definitely interested, and so was his father.

Two years later, my wife (also a writer) asked if she could participate, or was this just a boy’s club kinda thing? sorta was, but…

So she joined, and I don’t mind saying that’s when our little group really stretched to the next level. I joke that we started off as a few guys sitting around at a restaurant swapping writer stories, but once the wife got involved we were transformed into a multinational corporation. We kinda knew where it was we were headed, but Pam identified and focused the group on that goal like a laser, which helped us bring our little company into being.

So now I’m sitting here after getting home from our latest meeting, and all I can do is grin. This is the life we’ve chosen, the path we’re on, and the commitment we’ve made. We live to create, and we create to live.

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