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Consider this a shameless plug as well as an advertisement. You have been warned. I’m self-employed and can’t afford a publicist (yet) so if I don’t hype myself then I shall forever go unhyped and that, my friend, simply cannot be allowed.


Got a piece coming out next month in B.L.A.C. Detroit magazine June (Black Music Month) issue, and it’s a cover article on the current state of Black music in Detroit. This is also my first piece for B.L.A.C., and so far very good. Haven’t written an actual full-length article in more than a decade so I must admit it felt quite good. Nothing wrong at all with the quick hits, blog posts, tweets, and all that. I am adapting. Slowly, I confess, but evolution waits for no one.

That being said, I will always enjoy the opportunity to do more than  clear my throat on a topic, and B.L.A.C. let me do just that, which I greatly appreciate. What was also so rewarding about working on this piece was all the stuff I learned about what’s going on musically in this great city that I just didn’t know about. Which is to say there is still so much more to learn and to write about. Seems like no matter how many blows Detroit takes to the mid-section, the music simply cannot be put down. Because Detroit music is like Detroit folk; tough, resilient, raw, and beautiful all at the same time.

I call it strange beautiful…

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