I’m not a bigot, I just think bigots should be protected

It’s not that I want to discriminate against gays. It’s just that I must be considerate of bigots as well. Hey, they have feelings too.

What struck me as humorous in this particular story were the words “struggle” and “wrestling”.

From MLive:

Michigan House Speaker Jase Bolger says he hasn’t decided how to proceed on the question of possibly protecting gays in the state’s anti-discrimination law.

Bolger, R-Marshall, says it’s a “struggle” to reach a decision on how gays might be addressed in the state’s Elliott-Larsen anti-discrimination law.

The law now has language aimed at preventing discrimination in housing,employment and other areas based on religion, race, color, national origin, age, sex, height, weight, familial status or marital status.

Should the language be expanded or altered to somehow include sexual orientation? Bolger told MLive this week that he is researching the issue and hasn’t yet reached a conclusion. But he said he’s wrestling with the issue as a Catholic, father and lawmaker – and his decision would try to balance individual and religious rights.

“I want to respect gay individuals. I don’t want to send a message as a society that we are intolerant,” Bolger said. “I think that we need to respect people who are different from us, whether they’re different because they believe differently, whether they’re different because they have different skin color, or whether they’re different because they’re straight or gay. The other side of that equation is I also want to respect people’s religious beliefs. And that’s where the struggle really comes in. I want to respect gay people, I want to respect people who have deeply held religious beliefs.

“And so legally – as a lawmaker now – you go back and you look at Elliott-Larsen,” Bolger continued. “And it gets very difficult to try to balance those two. And that encapsulates the struggle. The struggle is how do we respect individuals on both sides of this question. I want to respect the individual rights of someone who’s gay. And I also, in doing that, don’t want to force somebody to ignore or violate their religious beliefs.”


So, basically, this issue that is forcing Morally Conflicted Bolger to struggle and wrestle with himself all over the Michigan House floor as he no doubt suffers from the slings and arrows that he repeatedly fires at himself because he is so conflicted with himself, is the issue of whether or not he should support intolerance. You can dance around it all you want, but when you boil it down that’s what you’re left with. Is it OK to discriminate against gay individuals or isn’t it?

Is it OK to discriminate against other human beings, or isn’t it?

Oh indeed. Such a struggle. My widdle heart goes out to him.

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