This is war, and it will last a long, ugly time

When Barack Obama was first elected President in 2008, so many of us honestly thought a major corner had been turned in America, and in many ways it had. Because when Obama  first announced his candidacy I don’t think I’d be far wrong to say that most of us didn’t figure he had much of a chance. Nice guy, great speaking ability, but uh-uh.

Then the man won. We were thrilled. Then came 2012. Obama won again, and by a far larger margin than many of us would have imagined. After all the hell they put the man through for his first four years, we figured this was proof that the man was no fluke. He was not an accident of history. People would have to realize that and deal with the fact that a brave new world was here to stay. Right?

Now we know the truth, and truth be told we should have seen this coming instead of being blinded by the light. But hindsight is…well…you know. So speaking of what we know, what we know now is that this is war, and it won’t be a short one. Because this is a turning point in blistery, just like the Civil War. Perhaps not as momentous, and certainly not as bloody, but make no mistake the entire country will be deeply and permanently altered by the outcome.

The two-time election of President Obama was the shot fired across the bow by the more sane residents of the United States that it was time to try looking out for the interests of all Americans instead of just a few. And the increasingly brutal battles between right and left, both on Congress and throughout the country in the streets, is evidence that ugly don’t give up so easy. From the unspeakably nasty and celebratory comments that have come pouring out of the sewer since the not guilty verdict of George Zimmerman to the heartless cruelty imbedded in the recent decision by the House to pass the Farm Bill – but eliminating all funding support for food stamps, leaving millions of poor people stranded and hungry.

For now the focus needs to be on 2014, but this time let’s not be fooled into thinking the war ends there.

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