The scarecrow and Mr. Ben Ghazi

Oh me? Just call me Ben. Ben Ghazi.

I suspect the whole supposed Benghazi ‘scandal’ the Republicans are trying to scare up – again – has about as much traction (and legitimacy) as Sarah Palin. And yet, just like with Sarah Palin, the story won’t die even though all indications are that there is nothing new left to report. Except that the Republicans want to make it new in the hopes of raising up  a weapon from the dead with enough potency to pierce the heart of Hillary Clinton’s 2016 candidacy before Hillary even has a chance to think about it.

And also like Sarah Palin, the Republicans (and Democrats too, to be honest) have the media news cycle down to a science so they know just which button to push and when so as to achieve the desired effect. Right now they’re punching every button in sight to keep this story breathing hard and heavy for as long as they can. Their renewed attacks on Obamacare are more of the same; dredging up dead bodies, dusting them off, then propping them up like scarecrows posing as a worthy adversary.

Stay tuned for more heart-warming episodes from As the Hill Turns.

This is being cross-posted on The Black Liberal Boomer.

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