The Muppets are coming back, man!

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I just had a birthday, the kind which puts me way too close to 60. But then I saw where The Muppets are coming back to TV this fall and I’m, like, five all over again. And likin’ it.

There’s nothing like the Muppets, man. Nothing. Well, except maybe Looney Tunes. No, seriously. Here’s what I mean, right? Just like with the Muppets, the characters on Looney Tunes can easily be enjoyed and appreciated by small kids all the way up to well, kinda where I’m at right now in life. The characters are well-defined and hilarious, and the storylines (such as they are) are designed to attract the attention of the broadest possible age range. It’s the kind of show that parents actually don’t mind watching with the kids.

Now, if you’re a hardcore adult, which I most certainly am not, then the Muppets probably isn’t going to work for you. They rarely discuss world events or politics, they don’t curse much, and the closest thing you’ll get to a sex scene is Miss Piggy punching Kermit and knocking him halfway across the room. Which, by the way, is also the closest thing you’re likely to get to violence too. And usually, coming from someone such as myself who obsesses on flicks like “Alien” and TV series like “True Blood” and “The Wire”, you might not necessarily suspect that someone with my tendency toward the twisted would be so enamored with cute, cuddly puppets who sing and dance…

But I am. I say it loud, I am a Muppet Man and I’m proud. Yeah, I said it.

We now return to adulthood.


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