The Mayonnaise Murders; Vid talks about his background

The Mayonnaise Murders

It wasn’t all that bad, I don’t guess. But then as a young critter comin up as I did on the rougher side of V-5 (which is saying something if you know anything at all about the place, kinda like sayin the hottest part of the sun), I don’t guess I really had anything to compare it to. That’s all we knew, me and my two brothers, so it was both the best and the worst, if that makes any sense. Like I said, it’s all we critters from the wrong side of the tracks knew anything about.

You gotta understand that Vivacious 5 Sector, which is V-5 to us local critters for what oughta be obvious reasons, is pretty much the ghetto of Planet 10. The ‘hood, as I hear some of the pureblood kids say back on the Mother Rock. Nobody would volunteer to grow up there if they knew they had options, which we didn’t. When I was just a little critter of about 8, my dad lost his job workin over at EverEat , which was the plant where they converted Planet 10’s vegetation into something we could actually digest without too much of a fuss. I still remember the overpowering funk of that place, the way it made my gills burn every time we went with my mother to pick him up after school, and the funny way he always walked on his way to the car, like he couldn’t figure out a straight line . It wasn’t until I got older when I started to wonder why no critters from any of the other colonies worked in that place, but at the time it was money and it kept bills paid. And it’s where a lot of the other dads worked from our neighborhood, so it was just normal.

But then once Dad had the accident stuff got real un-normal real quick. Mom had to start filling in the gaps, and there were a whole lotta those and they seemed to multiply daily like scritch bugs in heat. Me and my brothers started hustling whatever work we could on the streets, managing to cook up some pretty good schemes with my buddy Tommy, who was really clever for a first generation mutant. My dad never stopped trying to find a gig where they’d let a one-legged critter get put on the payroll, but the best he ever got was sympathy and sympathy doesn’t fill you up at dinnertime. So a few years after the accident Dad finally took sick and then died without really putting up much of a fight. I think it was on purpose ’cause of that clause in his contract that let the family collect a monthly once a worker died from a work-related injury. Never could figure out why they couldn’t do something while the man was alive, but then, as Mom used to always say, you’ll warp your little head trying to figure this place out.

I never forgot that, but I also could never settle for just letting things be that way, which is kinda why I became a detective. I know, right? But it’s what I’m good at, and every once and awhile I make a difference.

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