The Mayonnaise Murders, Chapter 6, Scene 2

TMM1 Single Cover

It was more than a month before Cluck finally managed to track down his buddies, and by then he was damned near dead from starvation, dehydration, and just about everything else that can happen to a kid who’s been surviving on whatever edible trash gets tossed out from passing cars as they zip back and forth on their way to civilization. The Dregs was definitely not civilization. The Dregs was where nothingness and heartbreak went to die – but it was also where the freaks and fringe crazies called home.

Actually, it was the chickens who managed to find Cluck, by the way. Because after a month, Cluck wasn’t in any kinda shape to be tracking down anybody. And truth be told, nobody who ever goes looking for anybody ever really finds them in the Dregs. Nope. In the Dregs, you either get left for dead or you get yourself found. Eventually.

On the day that ‘eventually’ finally showed up to claim Cluck, he was laying sprawled out across the top of a big flat rock on his back, clothes torn up like somebody’d tossed ‘em in a blender, hair sticking out like a shock treatment, filthy as sin and stinkin twice as bad. His tongue was all dry and cracked, and it was puffed up so big that he couldn’t close his mouth all the way. His eyes were buggin’ out of his head like two hard boiled eggs, and if you look at Cluck’s eyes even today you can still see they ain’t quite right – kinda like the rest of him.

In short, the kid was pretty fucked up. But as fucked up as he was, and as much time had passed since the last time he’d seen his only real friends, Rasputin and Jericho still recognized Cluck right from the start and knew what had to be done – and quick. The two had been out scavenging – normally they didn’t venture out this far – when Jericho, who stood a full foot taller than Rasputin but wasn’t nearly as stocky or muscle-bound, looked over the top of Rasputin’s head and noticed the body on the rock. It was quite a ways away, but even at that distance it wasn’t hard to tell it was a body.

Once they reached it and recognized who that body belonged to, they started cryin as they lifted Cluck up real easy and then laid him down in their roller trailer, which is what they used to haul everything they found back to the compound. I don’t know why they called those things roller trailers since none of ‘em had wheels anymore. About the size of your average dining room, made outta wood and steel shipped in from Earth, all roller trailers hovered anywhere from one to three feet above the ground and were built to carry huge loads of stuff  without even gettin your heart rate up.

But anyway, I don’t guess that’s so important, right? Whatever. Just one of those things I tend to notice from time to time ‘cause it just doesn’t make sense. Anyway,  once Rasputin and Jericho got Cluck situated between a coupla big bags so he wouldn’t roll off, they hooked the trailer up to their [transport] and took off at top speed for the compound.

Now I don’t know – or I guess I should say Beardy doesn’t really know – all of what they did to nurse Cluck back to health, so since I’m goin off of what he told me then I can’t begin to speculate on what those chickens had to do to bring the kid back to himself. All I know is that whatever it was they did obviously worked, and once Cluck was back up to full speed, and back with the ones he considered his real family, then it wasn’t long before they started laying down their plans for revenge. For them, revenge was a reason for living.

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