The light of Twitter and Facebook now shines on yours truly

Change is never an easy thing to accept, especially for a regimented soul such as myself. Which is why it took so long for me to see the value in social media.

Every morning I wake up (which is good, considering the alternative), get dressed, feed the dogs, eat my whole grain cereal with one chopped up banana while watching one of my recorded TV shows (the edgier, the better), and then I go upstairs to start work. At midday I go to the gym to either swim or do weights. Then I come home to eat lunch (unless it’s Wednesday, which is Salad Day at our household), and then I settle in for more work. Feed the dogs at 5. Call my elderly mother in Denver. Take a nap. Get up to practice my guitar until the early morning hours.

Sure there are interruptions and changes, but I’m pretty much on a track. Which means I tolerate little time for distractions unless they’re my  distractions. So when I was first introduced to Twitter and Facebook, I figured these were two of the most wasteful inventions ever fostered upon a swiftly deteriorating humanity by somebody who owned stock in the decline of western civilization.

But then I started to actually use them. Which, of course, helps when coming up with intelligent reasons to discredit them. And not that there aren’t valid reasons to question some of the ways in which social media is used, but then I question the way some folks use their turn signals too. Doesn’t mean we shouldn’t have cars.

Because here’s the thing (as my step-daughter explained to me in very patient detail); the potential of Twitter and Facebook is that it is now THE avenue to find work, create work, market your work, and expand the market for your work. But to do all this you have to understand the new language, which has evolved at something approaching light speed beyond the traditional modes of interaction to something much more organic to where what I’ll call the ‘new entrepreneur’ essentially cannot settle for simply sending out resumes or marketing in the traditional sense. The new world is about a different definition of relationships where you become what you are marketing because you are what you are selling.

But you don’t want to sell.

Yeah. I know. Made my head twist up like a pretzel too. Until I really thought about it…

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No quetison this is the place to get this info, thanks y’all.

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