The Koch Brothers are Rupert Murdoch on steroids


So now the Koch brothers are trying to buy the Tribune newspapers?

Well, yes and no. On the surface, sure, that’s what the Billionaire Bros Inc. are working on.

But I suspect what they are truly up to is something much deeper and much more threatening. They are essentially following in the footsteps of Australian media mogul Rupert Murdoch whose game plan from Day One was to control all media. Radio prankster Howard Stern used to enjoy calling himself the King of All Media, and it was amusing because it wasn’t serious.

There was nothing even remotely amusing about what Rupert managed to pull off before corruption  blasted some rather sizable holes in the side of his SS Empire. That’s because Murdoch, unlike Howard Stern, was the real thing. He really WAS King of All Media.

Yeah, well The Koch Brothers are Rupert Murdoch on steroids – and there are two of them. The Koch Brothers want to control what we think by controlling what we know – and don’t know.

Keep those protest fires burnin’, y’all. This one is gonna go more than a few rounds.

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