The healing words in funk music
funk music

Where words have never dared to go before…

Longtime fan of Parliament Funkadelic here, but it’s not just the music. It’s the way those words dance.

And oh, how they do dance…

Make no mistake,  funk music is something that hits me deep in that place where the groove resides forcing various and assorted body parts to  move in strange, wild and unrestrictedly joyful ways. There is no fighting the funk, and that’s just the way of it. Rhythm is a master.

But the other thing is just the movement of those words. Sitting here on a Saturday night listening to “Gloryhallastoopid (Pin the Tale on the Funky)” – and yes, that really is the name of the song and the album too – and that’s when it hit me again. Listening to lyrics like this…

“Oh! Being aware of the non-ending condition of our radically non-logical necessary and yet free and responsible nature, it is not only our compulsion but it is our duty to your booty to funk…YOU! Cheaper than discount family therapy. We bring you funk on a couch. From THE doctuh. I can assure you this is the beginning of a meaningful relationship. That fuss was us!”

So, well, yeah. Drugs were involved. Probably lots. And no doubt of premium quality. But still, I mean, lots of people use drugs, right? But how many of them turn out verse like this when stoned to the tenth power? Think about it. Mind altering substances can’t alter what ain’t there, pal.

Anyway, in my never-ending search for examples of how high words can fly when you let them go where they want to go, not where you tell them. Because once you give words the life, they know what to say.

You only gotta listen…


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2015-03-02 11:44:13 Reply

…it aint what you do it’s what you feel. dont worry bout being right, just be for real…

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