Stormin’ Joe Biden







In The Hill today:

“Vice President Biden on Wednesday railed against the “twisted, perverted, knock-off jihadists” alleged to have planted the bombs that killed three and injured hundreds at the Boston Marathon last week.”

See, that right there is why I’m a Biden fan. The guy just makes me grin. Too many other politicians (even President Obama, gifted speechmaker that he is) would have opted for the somber, gray approach. Others would reach for the soaring oratory, hoping to put wings to words that would fly them into…


But see, Joe? Joe speaks in normal folk speak, which is why normal folks relate to him so well. Critics love to dwell on how many times he steps on his tongue, but what so many fail to realize is that if you’re genuine, or even if you’re good at acting like you are, folks will forgive a little less eloquence for a little more deprogrammed human being.

And I mean damn. Twisted perverted knock-off jihadists? That right there is regular folk poetry.



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