“The Mayonnaise Murders Pt. 2” is a new kind of science fiction


Detroit science fiction. It's just different...

Hard at work on the sequel to “The Mayonnaise Murders.” Still haven’t got a title yet, but here’s a taste.  And yes, there really is such a thing as Detroit

science fiction.

Stay tuned for more…
Everybody on the street called him Munchkin, but it wasn’t just because of his size. Granted, he was pretty much what most would refer to as itty bitty, weighing in at a comical 110 pounds, and standing no taller than 5’1″. Rodeo always said he looked like an angry rat on steroids. Munchkin liked the steroids reference because steroids were what those weight-lifting freaks used to use back in the day, the ones gritting their teeth and flex-posing their tanned, shiny, polished muscles on the covers of all those BIG PUMP magazines he had scattered around his tiny apartment. He was probably the only person in North America who still owned actual magazines made out of paper, but he always said that the electronic versions just weren’t as authentic, whatever the hell that meant.
Detroit science fiction. It’s just different…

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