The big strides of small dogs

Pepper the great explorer


One thing I’m learning as I’m watching Pepper romp around the backyard; it’s not always about the big things. I know I’m not the originator of that phrase, “It’s the simple things in life,” but the older I get, the more I begin to appreciate it. Especially while watching the new addition to the family romp and discover his way around our relatively small backyard  as our considerably older – and considerably larger – dog watches in resigned amazement. I wonder if Jam is remembering when he used to have that same kind of reckless energy, because I sure do.

So it’s Sunday and I’m feeling, well, just good. Winter is stepping out the back door and waving farewell, and the snow, which just a week ago had been practically to the top of our backyard fence, is now all but gone. And I’m sitting there on the back porch, something else which makes me feel good because it’s now actually warm enough to sit on the back porch. And I’m remembering the first time Pepper tried to make his way up a small embankment of snow after watching Jam hop up and over, then persist toward the far  end of the yard where he could do his business in peace without Pepper scampering around his legs. Pepper couldn’t make the climb for at least a couple weeks, and the sight of him staring and whimpering up at that four foot-high embankment as if it were the Himalayas is still something that makes me laugh out loud even as I sit here in my office by myself.

But when Pepper did finally make it, even as he stumbled and tumbled his way behind Jam, trying to prove he that he could do the same things his big brother could do, you could practically see the pride in his itty bitty broken strides as all 5 pounds of him pushed bravely on through the frozen tundra. Wherever Jam was going Pepper wanted to go too, because it was all about the adventure. Not a big adventure, but just big enough for him to enjoy.

And sometimes that’s all the adventure you really need.

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