Some days it’s just good to be from Detroit

If you haven’t already seen this then you need to, especially if you’re from Detroit.

To me, this says more about the spirit of Detroiters than any number of documentaries. We all know more than  we want to about everything that has gone wrong, that continues to go wrong, and that apparently will go wrong until Jesus comes back. But those of us who live here know the rest of the story of who we are, what kind of people we are, and what we’re about. So when I saw this article in today’s Detroit News (courtesy of a buddy of mine who sent me the link), it just made me feel good to be a Detroiter.

That about says it. Watch the video, ands read the article. If that doesn’t put a smile in your day, you must be having the worst day of your life.

So watch the video twice.



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