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The one thing about Detroit, as anyone who has lived here for any length of time can attest, is that there is no shortage of Detroit stories in this town. Which is why it can become so damned frustrating at times to witness how few of those stories actually reach an audience. I’m not talking about the absence of feel-good stories, the touchy-feely kind that most journalists that I came up with detested but certain goofy editors seemed to think was what the readers wanted. I’m just talking about good stories. Simple.

Understand that long before I ever even considered becoming a journalist covering stories and writing op-ed columns for newspapers, I loved stories. Absolutely loved them. I read until my eyes hurt,  then I would close them for a few minutes before starting to read again. When Katy Dodge, the librarian at Graland Country Day School in my hometown of Denver, Colorado, assigned our 5th grade class to read at least six books over the summer, and be prepared to give a report on at least one of those books the following school year, I think I read somewhere between 12 ands 15. Telling me I had to read books was like telling a fat kid he had to eat chocolate. Not exactly punishment.

Anyway. Detroit stories. For those willing to take the time to look, or just to slow up the maddening, mindless pace of city life and pay attention, there are stories sprouting up through each and every crack in the pavement. There’s a story for every broken streetlight, and even more for those that work. There are stories up and down the riverfront and stories in the ghost town that used to be the Rivertown/Warehouse District area. Before someone had the ‘brilliant’ idea that this would be such a great place for the casinos to locate, it was quite a lively area with some great music clubs. Detroit still needs a music hub, and this could have been it, but don’t get me started down that road. Maybe later.


Detroit stories


The focus of this post is the abundance of Detroit stories that can, should, and must be told. Fictional as well as non-fiction. Stories, man. The newspapers do what they do, but there’s much they simply can’t even begin to touch. I’ve worked for three of the news organizations in this town so I do know a little bit about it. And that’s just in Detroit. Count in the Ann Arbor News and it’s four. All of which is to say (took me long enough to get here) that I was very pleasantly surprised to stumble across this blog ‘Middle Detroit’, which focuses particularly on those different kinds of Detroit  stories. This blog is obviously operated by someone who loves this city, and that definitely got my attention even more.

Those of us who love Detroit in the face of it all – and who love Detroit stories – need to stick together.


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