So anyway, about those dragons…


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When I was a kid, which was …well…still kinda waiting on that adulthood train to show up any minute now. Not that I’ll get on, but I did think it was kind of interesting that the thing never even pulled into the station.

So. Dragons.

Mostly because this was one of those weeks when I didn’t have the time to sketch out ideas in advance for what I planned to blog about this week, but I was still determined to blog this week because I have made this promise to myself to keep this thing going and writers write and all that. So I started to scroll and stroll through some of my more favorite sites in search of something to write about and that’s when I came across this right here on The Oak Wheel. Talks about three ways you can use…yep.

So. Dragons.

So like I was saying earlier about when I was a kid which I still am only now I’m talking 45 years or so earlier? Yeah, so back then I was seriously into dragons. Matter of fact, if I thought swallowing a match would’ve given me the ability to spew fire and burn shit down? Oh yeah. Woulda done it no problem. Matter of fact, given the kind of kid I was, I’m surprised I didn’t give it a go. Hell, maybe I did only now it’s one of those repressed suppressed memory kinda things. Wouldn’t surprise me. I doubt I’m the only 50-plus year-old kid who doesn’t exactly wanna remember some of those earlier ‘adventures’.

But seriously into dragons. Would have loved to have one for a pet like Daenerys Targaryen on Game of Thrones, but since I was told they were mythological creatures (supposedly), then I had to make do with iguanas, chameleons, snakes, and some very vicious-looking fish. Suffice to say I had some very understanding parents. At least I think that’s what it was. Maybe they were just scared of me…

You and me, Damien. You and me, kiddo.


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