Snyder better steal fast. The lawsuits are catching up

Tears of a very devious clown

And this is why I refer to Gov. Rick Snyder as a thug in nerdface:

“Records released last week in a lawsuit over Kevyn Orr’s appointment indicate Snyder offered the Washington, D.C., bankruptcy attorney the job as early as Feb. 11 — more than a week before the state’s review team declared Detroit in a financial emergency and a month before Orr was hired March 14 by a state board controlled by the governor.

The emails, obtained by litigious union activist Robert Davis, suggest Orr’s appointment was a done deal weeks before Snyder publicly acknowledged having a candidate in mind on March 1, when he declared Detroit in a financial emergency and gave council members 10 days to appeal his decision.”

What the Detroit News story makes rather clear is what a lot of Snyder’s critics (such as myself) have been saying about the man for quite some time now, namely that he conveniently confuses the definition of Governor with the definition of King. If he doesn’t like the law, he just ignores it or manufactures a new one more to his liking. If he wants something done, and the process of government gets in the way, he simply dismisses the process and moves forward however he sees fit.

This is why the Republican idea of having a businessman in charge of a high political office can oftentimes be a big mistake. Running a private corporation – which is what Snyder was doing before he got elected – is not the same as running a state. There are these things called voters that need to be acknowledged, for example. If you own a company, that means that the people in that company who come to work every day are your employees. If you don’t like how an employee is doing his/her job, you can have that employee fired or reprimanded, and there isn’t much the employee can do about it. You can lay off members of your staff, and that’s pretty much it.

But when you are the Governor, the people who go to work every day in your state are not your employees, Lord Snyder. They are your constituents. And you cannot fire your constituents. But your constituents can definitely fire you if you don’t pay attention, and judging by recent poll numbers it looks (thankfully) like Snyder may be heading for a reckoning of his own.

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