Science fact was science fiction first

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A site I am quickly beginning to love is Black Science Fiction Society. The obvious reason for this is because I’m black and I love science fiction, so naturally I’m attracted to a society of like-minded types. There aren’t a whole lot of us out here.

The other reason is because this is a really good site. Plain and simple, as my mother used to say.

One post I was checking out earlier today called “Nous Sommes Humains” (“we are human” in French), really caught my interest for a number of reasons, particularly the way it discussed the presence of sexism and racism in the scientific community. I’m not quite sure why I found this revelation rather hilarious if it’s true, except for the fact that science to me has always been about the investigation and appreciation of cold hard facts. Same with mathematics. As a matter of fact, part of what scientists and mathematicians do is go out and discover facts that the rest of us didn’t even know existed until they figured it out. I mean, e=mc2? Seriously? Who knew?

There is what is, and there is what ain’t. And the two don’t normally play well together. So how is it that in a field of study where research and factual analysis represent the foundation upon which the entire house is built, there is still room leftover for racism and sexism? How does that even work?

But there was one quote in the post that really caught my attention and gave me the idea to write this post.

“Unfortunately, the world is not like Star Trek, populated with fictional Captains like Kathryn Janeway”

And then it ended with this:

“We can have myriad months of celebrations that target specific groups and their contributions. It all disappears into the social, attention-deficit ether, eventually. Our discourse, our academia, our music, our self-governance; our sense of right-and-wrong (who goes to prison and who goes to rehab) will not change nor will we survive as a species until we see one another: women, migrants, minorities; LGBT and the current majority…as humans.”

Much of reality begins with imagination. Some facts didn’t become facts until after they spent some time as fiction.


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