Sci Fi is for when reality just isn’t enough

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Every once and awhile in my literary travels, which sometimes is no more than me scrolling around looking for some good words to inspire a blog post like this one (not everything has to be deep) I stumble across some good words that inspire a blog like this one. So the good words that got me going today come from Walida Imarisha, who is the focus of a recent piece in “Bitch Media” about science fiction and its relationship to social justice movements. Imarisha co-edited the long awaited science fiction anthology “Octavia’s Brood” together with adrienne maree brown, released this year and already on tour around the country.

But the piece is also about someone like me who happens to be black and who happens to love science fiction. Because somehow, in the popular imagination, and even inside our own imaginations, science fiction and black folks simply cannot occupy the same space at the same time. Kinda like what happens in those time travel sequences when a character tries to occupy the same corner of the room as his/her younger self once upon a time. It’s never a pretty sight what happens.

WALIDAH IMARISHA: Science fiction is the only genre that not only allows you to disregard everything that we’re taught is realistic and practical, but actually demands that you do. So it allows us to move beyond the bounds of what is realistic and what is real, into the realm of the imagination, That is actually something that organizers do every single day. All organizing is science fiction. When organizers imagine a world without poverty, without war, without borders or prisons—that’s science fiction. They’re moving beyond the boundaries of what is possible or realistic, into the realm of what we are told is impossible. Being able to collectively dream those new worlds means that we can begin to create those new worlds here.

That one paragraph all by itself gave me so many ideas, man. It’s like my brain just got nine months pregnant inside of  the 30 seconds it took me to read this.

This is it. Yeah, this is it…

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