Republicans looking for love in all the wrong places

What’s amusing is to watch as the Republicans try and figure out why their outreach efforts to non-white communities aren’t going so well. At least not yet. And I guess the rather obvious explanation would be that these non-white communities tend not to be stupid and most of them do have functional memories with the ability to reach back, back, waaaay back into the depths of time beyond, say, a few months. Those posters held up at Tea Party rallies of President Obama as an African witch doctor with a bone through his nose? Yeah, well…they (we) kinda remember that sorta stuff. And that’s just for starters.

All of which is why I found Frank Rich’s piece in the recent edition of New York Magazine such an interesting and enlightening read. What Rich points out early on, and what so badly needs pointing out, is how so many Republicans want to keep reminding us that theirs is the party of Abraham Lincoln who, of course, freed the slaves. And more recently than that, it was United States Supreme Court Chief Justice Earl Warren who presided over the famous Brown vs. Board of Education decision in 1954, and Warren was also a Republican. And there are others as well who have done good and wonderful things and who are certainly deserving of praise.

But hey, those well-deserved props are from a place in time long ago and far away, folks. What have you done for us lately? As Rich says:

Then you ask, what about today? You’re told that Newt Gingrich calling Barack Obama “the food-stamp president” and Sarah Palin’s invocation of “shuck and jive ” were just ephemeral campaign-season gaffes from sideshow clowns soon to get the hook. Rush Limbaugh’s perennial race-baiting? Yesterday’s news. Mitt Romney’s alliance with the off-the-rails birther Donald Trump? Just clueless Mitt being Mitt. Those sightings of racist placards at tea-party rallies? Cherry-picked, planted, or invented by the liberal media. And besides, the Democrats have their own history of race-baiting ranters—queue up the Reverend Jeremiah Wright’s greatest hits on YouTube.

The only fact that can’t be easily batted away by defensive Republicans is that actual black Americans almost never vote for Republicans in a national election. What’s up with that?


Yeah, what exactly is  up with that? Let’s just say that until Republicans can come up with an answer to that question that doesn’t cause intelligent folks to cringe with embarrassment, they can reach out all they want and keep coming up with air.

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