Republicans are becoming the hate that hate produced

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that the Republicans (or at least those from the deranged wing, which appears to be growing) have been working so hard to sabotage Obamacare, but it still gets me. And in a way I think it fascinates me more than it enrages me. The fact that their hatred runs so deep that they would torpedo an initiative to provide Americans better health care just to prove how much they hate the man is an amazing thing to me. If anyone had told me that Obama was going to win the election when he first announced I would have told them they were crazy. Once he got elected, if anyone had said the Republicans would go to this extreme to destroy Obama I never would have believed it.

And yet here we are. I wrote a post about this issue for PoliticusUSA today. Click here to read it, and feel free to post your thoughts.


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