Republican honesty can be a wonderful thing


“Well, I’m going to be real honest with you: The Republican Party doesn’t want black people to vote, if they’re going to vote 9 to 1 for Democrats.”

This is a direct quote from Tea Party leader Ken Emanuelson at a recent event in Dallas, Texas in response to a question from someone in the audience who wanted to know what the Republicans planned to do to get more black people to vote. I would be somewhat surprised if this was the answer the audience member thought he would be getting. Just a long shot guess but I’m suspecting what the questioner was looking for was something along the lines of a workable plan that might (hopefully) acknowledge the lack of diversity in the Republican Party as a glaring weakness in an increasingly diverse nation. I bet he would have even settled for something simple, something along the lines of “Hell, we know we gotta do something, right?”

Geez, all the man had to do was lie. Was that so hard? But no, he had to go and tell the truth and say that Republicans really don’t give much of a damn about black people if they don’t  have any better sense than to vote in their own best interest. What he said, essentially, was “We ain’t changin for you people, hear? You all got to change for us. We’re white, and we’re what’s right. So stay on the plantation or stay home.

This new millenium just seems so doggone deja vue doesn’t it?

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