Immigration reform requires Republican reform

This article of mine was originally posted on  PoliticusUSA on Jan. 29, 2013

Bitter old white male that he is, even Sen. John McCain knows immigration reform is not an option. You can either try and grow more fingers to plug up the cracks in the dike or you can learn how to swim.

 Once again the Republicans are being forced to take a look in the mirror provided by attendance records at their 2012 Republican National Convention (and 2008, and 2004, and 2000, and…), where the only way the cameras could make it look like there were more than a handful of non- white people in the audience was to keep showing the same meager handful of darker skinned folks over and over and over again. Some not-

quite-so-bright Republicans feel the best way to attack this issue is to just keep on gerrymandering. Just keep carvin up those districts. No doubt it is that same dim bulb crowd who thinks it’s a smart idea to try and change the rules of the Electoral College so maybe they don’t get beat up so bad in 2016. Voter suppression didn’t quite yield the desired result in 2012 so let’s just try another form of suppression and see how that turns out, right guys?

 Those who are slightly more enlightened and whose political IQ at least reaches the three-digit range have come to understand that America does not look like the Republican Party. At all. And so if Republicans want to continue to lead a national political party that has a shot at remaining relevant for the next generation – hell, for this generation – then it kinda makes sense to begin addressing issues that matter to these folks. And by ‘these folks’ I mean Americans. Denial is not a viable forward-looking strategy. And it’s better to be a little late to the party than to miss it altogether – or to be celebrating in the wrong house down the street.

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