Random Musings; Election Day in Detroit and A Game of Thrones

Random thoughts…

Election Day Detroit. For those who insist it is my duty as a Detroiter to vote for either Mike Duggan or Benny Napoleon in today’s mayoral election, I suppose I understand. This is, as I stated yesterday, probably the most important election that Detroit has had in decades. Possibly since Coleman Young first ran and won as the first black mayor of Detroit.

So yes. This is important. Despite the presence of an all-powerful yet illegitimate emergency manager appointed by a governor who willfully ignored the votes of his own constituency and stole democracy from Detroit in broad daylight, it is still important for Detroiters to exercise their democratic right to vote for their chosen elected representatives. And this is what I plan to do when choosing who I want to represent my district on City Council. But my reservations about Napoleon and Duggan are just too deep for me to simply hold my nose and go for one or the other. Detroit deserves so much better than this, man. So much better. A good friend of mine asked me if I was waiting for a saint to show up, and that’s a legitimate question. I guess my answer is no, not a saint. Just better than this.

Just finished reading “A Clash of Kings,” the second volume in R.R. Martin’s really remarkable 8-volume (so far) series. Finally. This book was close to 1,000 pages, and that’s with relatively small print. I think I started it when I was 10 years old. But seriously, this is not a series for the faint of heart. This is for folks who really do enjoy reading and who love fantasy. The same crowd who loved Tolkien (like me, who read the trilogy when I was 11). What strikes me most about this, same as with Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings, is the breadth of Martin’s imagination. It is simply incredible. As a writer of fiction and a lifelong lover of fantasy and sci fi, I’ve always defended my preference for fiction over non-fiction to my more ‘serious-minded’ associates by reminding them that man’s ability to imagine is what I believe really sets us apart from all the other animals in a substantial way. No other creature on the planet can imagine entire worlds, and that matters.


Winter’s coming…


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