POTUS doesn’t want gun violence to stop, he just wants revenge against NRA

Don’t mess wit da big dog, buddy


So now the NRA’s new Top Dog and Shot-Caller-In-Chief, NRA President James Porter, tells his followers that what is reeeeeeally motivating President Barack Obama in his quest to expand background checks is a desire for “revenge”. No, really, that’s what he said. Here, listen:

“Revenge is what’s motivating the president’s unrelenting attacks on gun owners today,” Porter told the group’s meeting Saturday amid news that the NRA’s membership had grown to a record 5 million.

“Millions of Americans are becoming first-time gun owners,” Porter said. “The media calls it fear. That’s not it. It’s a sense of natural outrage that’s been building for quite some time.”


And naturally when I think about it I realize how much sense this makes because I just could never quite understand why POTUS gave a damn about those kids getting murdered in Sandy Hook, or all those hundreds of youngsters being murdered daily, weekly, and monthly in cities across the country due to gun violence. Why should that matter to him? They ain’t his kids, so it’s all good on 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., right?

But then Porter blew the lid off the truth and I can now see clearly. The NRA apparently pissed Obama off for some unknown  and unaccounted for reason and now he wants to make them pay because hey, nobody f—- with the Big Dog and gets away with it.

Wow. And to think it was all right there in front of me all this time…


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