Parting words on Soul Sister Rachel Dolezal

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Now that she’s resigned as head of the Spokane NAACP, are we done talking about Rachel Dolezal yet?

Some may have wondered why I didn’t weigh in earlier on this thing, but I just figured I’d hang out here on the sidelines awhile and see just how long this comedy was gonna last. Because, seriously speaking, this little overhyped tempest is one of those gold mine-type events that only come along every so often in a comedian’s career. For that struggling comedian on the road who’s trying to decide whether or not this life was the right choice, this one joke all by itself will keep enough laughs stored up in the emergency bag of tricks to at least pay the mortgage and postpone that ultimate fateful life course decision for the rest of the tour.

So a white woman is found guilty of passing in reverse, apparently not getting the memo that most black folks are trying to enter into the Promised Land, not the other way around. She frizzes up her hair, tans her skin, gets the job for head of the NAACP. In Spokane, Washington. In Spokane, Washington.  Just a guess, but it isn’t like this happened here in Detroit. I mean, I’ve never been to Spokane, Washington, but…

OK, look, I just checked this out on Wikipedia.

At the 2010 census, there were 208,916 people, 87,271 households, and 49,204 families residing in the city. The population density was 3,526.0 inhabitants per square mile (1,361.4/km2). There were 94,291 housing units at an average density of 1,591.4 per square mile (614.4/km2). The racial makeup of the city was 86.7% White, 2.3% African American, 2.0% Native American, 2.6% Asian, and 0.6% Pacific Islander, along with 1.3% from other races and 4.6% from two or more races. Hispanics and Latinos of any race were 5.0% of the population.[2]

Soooooo..86.7 percent white annnnnd….2.3 percent….African…American…? I mean, you can kinda see how folks might have got fooled out there, right? Or why they wouldn’t necessarily pay that close attention to how black Sister Doleful was or wasn’t? Because, I mean, at 2.3 percent of the population they’re probably trying to recruit as many fellow travelers as possible.  Black for real or black pretend, who cares? Just stand on our side of the line when it counts and we’ll sort it out later. Right. Now raise your fist up in the air, OK? Right. Just like…that.


Because please believe me when I say that these sorts of ‘mistakes’ (?) wouldn’t be goin’ down in Detroit where we’re so black it’s hard for light to co-exist in the same space as us. You don’t just ‘identify’ as black in Detroit, buddy. You gets identified.

Anyway. Sister Dolezal is out the door, so it’s probably all moot at this point.

But here’s another thing, kinda related. Serena Williams. I say related because here is a (beautiful) black woman who couldn’t ‘identify’ as anything other than black if she prayed on it each and every night.  Serena is a card-carrying member of Blackness in excellent standing, and as such she still gets hated on and despised  in the predominantly white sport of tennis even after winning her 20th Grand Slam because each and every year American Racism keeps trying to manufacture reasons why (beautiful black) Serena couldn’t possibly exist in reality. At least not as a normal female member of the human species. Because no one who looks like that could possibly…I mean…

It simply isn’t done. It surely must be science fiction.

Kinda like Soul Sister Dolezal.





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Karen Love

2015-06-15 17:49:36 Reply

As my former boss Sam Logan would say “Let them try being Black from Friday night until Monday morning, they would still never understand”. Love the piece Keith!


    2015-06-15 22:34:44 Reply

    Thank you Karen! Thanks for stopping by! We both know couldn’t nobody put it like Sam but Sam…

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