No tears left for a dying industry

Once upon a time it used to make me sad whenever I would see yet another story heralding the slow demise of the newspaper industry, the same industry that gave me a great career for more than two decades as a reporter and columnist for some really great newspapers. Reading those stories was similar to watching a good friend slowly ambling down the street as, one limb at a time, that friend fell apart before your very eyes. And there was nothing you could do about it.

But now? It’s really more of a numbness, and I suppose that’s somewhat for the sake of self preservation and protection. When I read where the Chicago Sun Times just layed off its entire photography staff and that the Koch Brothers are trying to buy the Chicago Tribune – I realized that I am way past the ability to be shocked about much of anything anymore when it comes to what has happened to newspapers and journalism in general. It is what it is, and it is essentially dead. Sure, there are still great reporters out there somehow managing to deliver important stories in the face of increasing pressure to favor flash and glitz over relevance.

But hell, like I said, this is no longer a news story. You change what you can change, and what you cannot change you accept. Or try to. And hold onto the hope that, at some point, we simply will no longer be able to tolerate the strain of the chains wrapped around our brains.

Humanity will find its way.



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