New poll says more black men looking for longterm relationships. Whatever.

Sometimes we find it, sometimes we don’t

So now NPR is reporting about this new poll that just came out apparently showing that more black men actually want a longterm relationship than  black women. OK fine. That’s nice.

My first reaction? Couldn’t much care less. Second reaction? I find the rather obvious reasoning behind the attention this poll is getting somewhat humorous. Because if the poll found that more black women were desperately seeking relationships then that would of course uphold the common narrative about black men, namely that most of us are either in jail or chasing after white women. Or immature.

But now along comes this new poll showing this may not be the case and, well, let the chattering begin.

OK. Fine. Whatever.

Maybe it’s because I’m pretty much of a ‘hard news’ type that I’ve never really cared for stories like this. Or polls like this. I consider this crap a waste of time and a diversion from stuff that really matters. But there are obviously those who believe this is what really matters so….OK.

Listen, I’m no stranger to the relationship wars. Before my wife and I got married I hadn’t been in a  relationship of any sort for 13 years. And no, I’m not joking. I figured I probably wouldn’t ever meet anyone who wanted to be bothered with me and that was cool. Life moves on and you adjust. If somebody called me during that time to participate in some poll about lonely black men looking for love I most likely would have reached through the phone line and seized that person by the throat.

But I’m guessing that would be wrong.

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