Nelson Mandela’s gift to South Africa – and the world

If ever there was a man who had justifiable reason to hate, it was Nelson Mandela. He chose not to hate. Mandela chose instead to heal, and that is why we honor him in his passing as one of the greatest world leaders of the 20th century, and quite possibly of all time.

Mandela spent 27 years in prison for the supposed ‘crime’ of trying to bring freedom and equality to an unjust nation. As he stated so eloquently, his desire for freedom and equality was a principle for which he was prepared to die if necessary. It was also a principle for which he was prepared to wage revolution, and unlike Dr. Martin Luther King, he came to the conclusion that sometimes non-violence simply does not work. This was in no way a refutation of King’s approach, simply a recognition that such an approach was not going to work for that particular struggle in South Africa at that time.

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Malik Shelton

2014-02-03 13:12:05 Reply

Mandela was a very extraordinary man. Yet,(as he declared himself on many occasions) he was not a saint. Although he did make an incredible contribution to the political liberation of South Africa; particularly in the realm of negotiations. And regarding forgiveness, there is always a fine line between forgiveness and the requirements of reparation, restitution, and justice. It remains to be seen if the correct balance was met in South Africa.

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