My words are hunting me down

They won’t leave me alone. Even as I’m writing this.

See there? Another word. And more are on the way. Even now I can see them marching over the horizon like Vikings on a raid (can you march over an horizon like Vikings…?), muttering and babbling incoherently, fornicating with one another  in broad daylight, and then giving birth to full sentences, which in turn copulate furiously with one another to produce teeming hordes of marauding paragraphs.

It is, quite frankly, a terrifying sight to behold.

Anyway, so the idea was to kick my writing into high gear starting about a week ago by not only working on my novel each and every day  (actually 1,000 words per day, five days per week), but also kicking out two blog posts per day, not to mention tweets, Facebook posts, and stuff on LinkedIn too. After starting to read “How to Blog a Book” (I haven’t finished it yet), I got all kinds of ideas and advice about the importance of frequency of blogging and how blogging your book could really help you get more readers and fans. Or you could find out that your book really doesn’t appeal to anybody at all so best to start selling insurance.

The point being, of course, that blogging your book and frequently blogging as a habitual matter of practice can be a very educational and transformative experience with the potential to reap the proverbial whirlwind of benefits. Put your stuff out there, young man. Be not afraid.

So it’s  been a week so far. Well, almost. And there’s no denying I’ve attracted a significant – as in very significant – increase in traffic to my site. Prior to my big push, Ye Olde website was pretty much flatlining, wheezing heavily, and on oxygen. Now, not quite a week later, with the significant help of CoSchedule (another helpful suggestion from the wife, without whom my writing endeavors would be flailing in the ocean with no life raft and a tiny stick), it appears Ye Olde site is now doing pushups by the bedside and preparing for marathons.

That’s the good news.

But what to do about all these words that I have awakened inside my head? They had all been sleeping so peacefully up there, and for so long that I had forgotten all about them. I was blissful in my ignorance. But now they are awake, and they are raging. They demand to be spoken, and at all times of day and night. They break things. They make un-Godly noises, and they beat against the fragile walls of my brain with both sharp and blunt instruments.

It begins…

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