My very own Democracy in Black

Began reading a book I checked out from the electronic library called Democracy in Black: How race still enslaves the American Soul by Eddie Glaude. So far I’m only 29 pages in, but I’m already finding myself both enthralled and depressed at the same time. Enthralled because Glaude is obviously a hell of a writer who knows his subject matter and how to employ the best narrative to tell that subject/story in a way that sticks with you.

Depressed because I’m old enough (and about to be a year older in a few weeks) to where I’m too painfully familiar with much of what he is discussing about the realities of black life in America. It’s one thing to read about the trials and tribulations of  those folk over there, but when the lives of those folk becomes a sudden jarring memory of your own life, the the reading experience takes on a whole other shade of real.

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