Murdering writer’s block once again

writer's block

Perhaps to clear out the gears is what I’m thinking.

Because, honestly speaking, it has been way too long since my last post. And one thing I am realizing time after time after time after…


So what I’m realizing is that the longer I allow myself to go without posting is the longer I allow myself to go without posting. And the longer I go without posting is the harder it gets trying to tell myself what I’m going to write about, or rather convincing myself that I don’t really have anything to write about today that anyone would want to read. And therefore I don’t write. Because the struggle has always been exactly what do I want a blog named after myself to sound like? And then the rather obvious answer comes screaming back at me…

But this clearly is not the way to go about this, and it’s not like I don’t know this. And so, as a subscriber to the more optimistic philosophy that when you fall down it’s another chance to get back up (and I’m beyond counting at this point) I’m trying something a bit new today that I hope will prompt me (as in force myself, painfully if necessary) to begin letting the words flow again. Don’t even stop to worry whether they’re necessarily making sense, just start writing something and see where the something goes. Follow that something into the woods, over the mountains and deep into the valleys. Because the funny thing that begins to happen, and that I actually feel beginning to happen just a little bit right now, is that the story begins to come. Maybe not fully formed, or even quite recognizable, but…


And that’s something.

Be back soon.


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