Marriage equality in Minnesota equals evolution. Follow the light folks.

This late in the day nobody wants to hear a “My first gay friend” story. That’s not exactly a cutting edge brave admission anymore. It’s more like saying that you are a conscious resident of the 21st century.

That being said, I confess I haven’t always been the incredibly enlightened and in-step with common sense hipster that  I now am. I’ll leave it at that. Well, except to say that I ain’t alone in that admission, and a whole lotta folks acting like they have always been down with men marrying other men and women marrying  other women are…how shall I say this? Lying their little butts off.

However, time being what it is, it does march on. Some of us keep up, others of us fall by the wayside. But time has a schedule to keep and time, to my knowledge, has never once been late for an appointment. So when I saw the news just a few minutes  ago come scrolling across my twitter that Minnesota has now passed marriage equality, I feel good that I can count myself among those who are on time with time for this appointment. Because the arrival of marriage equality is without a doubt an issue whose time has come.

All too predictably there are those who are screaming and contorting their faces in anguish as they stomp their little feet into the earth like Rumpelstiltskin, but isn’t it funny how quickly their proportions shrink as they fade away into the rear view mirror? Soon and very soon I suspect they will become…







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