Detroit music history is Detroit music future

Detroit music history

Today begins my three-part series in Model D Detroit online magazine about strengthening our city’s commitment to its arts culture and how that commitment to capitalizing on

Detroit music history

can contribute to Detroit’s resurgence, economically and otherwise.

Here’s how the article begins…

Something Piper Carter said stayed in my head, ever since last week when we met in Studio 5E, the arts space she operates in conjunction with several other entities in Midtown.

“We come from an expectation of failure, then blow people away with insurmountable success. Flip the script. Innovation. That’s who we are as a people.”

And ain’t that Detroit? 

As the new-volution of our city continues to sort out what will and won’t be included in the next phase, the necessity for a warmer and wider embrace of  the local music and arts scene continues to be an imperative that must be addressed if Detroit has any hope of remaining truly Detroit.

The way forward necessitates a look back at the footsteps that brought us here.


Check out the rest of the article about how Detroit music history can lead to a better future here.


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