Love means not having to issue a press release to prove it

Thank you, Jack

I meant to write this last week when the story broke but, well, things happen.

Anyway, let me just say that there are, to be sure, those Detroiters who look upon our city and shake their heads in shame, embarrassment, and even anger. They wonder how did it get this bad, and how could it get this bad? The fingers of blame stretch out in all directions, but that’s about the full extent of exercise generated by this conversation. They move on.

Then there are those Detroiters like Jack White, who are equally aware of all that has gone wrong – and continues to go wrong – in our city. But then they actually do something about it. So when it came to his attention that the Masonic Temple had become the property of the Wayne County Treasurer because of an excessively high unpaid property tax bill, Jack White decided to go ahead and pay it. He had fond memories of the place, plus his mother used to be an usher there, and he had the money to give back.

So he did. No muss, no fuss, and no big press announcement that the Great Jack White was going to bail out the Masonic Temple. He just did it. Anonymously.

It wasn’t until a few months later when it finally leaked out who was the actual savior of the Masonic. But even after his name was released, White still didn’t make any advances toward center stage. And now the story has left the headlines and Jack White has gone about his business.

I think Jack White knows the true meaning of love.

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