Live your life ’til it’s over; the lesson of B.B. King

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The biggest lesson from the death of B.B. King is life.

I’ve listened to all the commentators discuss King’s immense contribution to American culture and music, not to mention what a kind and gentle man so many say that he was. Although I never met him personally, it’s not hard for me to believe this to be true. Having listened to several of his interviews, plus listening to some of the stories told by a few musician friends who knew the man rather well, King’s warm and genuine nature is something that just seems to glow.

Many of the other commentaries discussed the legend that he was, and how such a giant emerged from such humble beginnings on a small plantation in a tiny Mississippi town. Having read his autobiography, which I enjoyed thoroughly, I can say that it was one hell of an inspiring ride. What he managed to overcome, and how he overcame, was a major inspiration to me both as a writer and as a musician. As a creative.

But the biggest lesson of King’s life is one that I have yet to hear, which isn’t to say it hasn’t been said. Maybe I missed it. But this is a man who found what he loved, embraced it, then pursued it and would not let it go until the strength of his embrace simply wouldn’t let him hold on any longer. B.B. King played the blues to death. Literally. And that, to me, is a life worth living. Whatever you choose to do in life, do it to death. Because for me, retirement from writing and playing music is something I can’t even contemplate. What else would I do? Play bingo?

The thrill is only truly gone when you forfeit the pursuit of who you are and what you love.

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