Kevyn Orr is illegitimate. That is the issue we cannot forget

It’s not that we don’t know Detroit is in a serious crisis. I don’t know how many times I have to say this but Detroiters aren’t stupid. We live here. We’ve been living here. We know. We get it.

So when Detroit Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr held his meeting last night to discuss how bad things are, and some of the things he’s prepared to do to get Detroit back on the path to financial solvency, etc., there really wasn’t much need to disagree. At least not with his assessment of how bad things are. There is certainly room for disagreement on how he plans to right the ship, but that’s what debate is for.

But here’s the problem; Orr doesn’t have to debate anyone. He is a non-elected, illegitimate monarch who has been given the reins of power by our very own Gov. Snyder who disregarded the will of his own people when they voted last November to get rid of emergency managers. Or at least to get rid of Snyder’s steroid enhanced version of the Emergency Manager law (Public Act 4) which he put into place in March 2011.

What the people said, for those with memory loss, is that Snyder was overreaching with that law and they wanted no part of it. Snyder said too bad, you’re getting it anyway. And after huddling up with his Republican buddies in the legislature during a lame duck session in December, he came back with a new law that was essentially the same law the voters of Michigan had voted down. Public Act 436 was passed with no committee or public hearings, and yet Snyder had the nerve to say upon its passage that “This legislation demonstrates that we clearly heard, recognized and respected the will of the voters.”

It is this new law that paved the way for Snyder to bring in Kevyn Orr, so what we have here is an illegitimate law, passed under cover of darkness in blatant defiance of the will of the people of Michigan, that opened the door for the appointment of an illegitimate Emergency Manager. And if the Emergency Manager is illegitimate, then any and all of his actions should be considered illegitimate, just the same as if someone stormed the mayor’s office and the City Council chambers and threw them out while declaring themselves the new Almighty.

Damn. That’s kinda what happened, huh?

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Elayne Sikelianos

2013-06-11 19:24:17 Reply

Thanks for Keith Owens and his words…I always breathe a sigh of relief even before I read what Owens has to say. He’s a voice of wisdom in the tumultuous sea of bull-puckey AND righteous anger flying around poor Detroit right now.

Elayne Sikelianos

2013-06-11 19:35:11 Reply

Thank goodness for Keith Owens and his words. I breathe a sigh of relief even before I read what Owens has to say. His is a voice of wisdom in the tumultuous sea of bull-puckey AND righteous anger swirling around pobrecito Detroit these days. Help! Help! Help!

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