Just how bad is it gonna get for Detroit?







Years ago when I lived in Chicago and made my run at being a starving artist (writer/musician), I never would have been able to get anywhere without public transit. The ‘el’ trains and the bus system were my lifeline, and my monthly CTA pass was like gold in my pocket.

More than 30 years later here I am in Detroit, and I will never understand how we continue to be so damned far behind everyone else – as in all major American cities – when it comes to public transportation. It is absolutely killing us. It’s great Detroit invented mass production of the car and all, but when Henry Ford made that happen, he also made it so that cars were affordable for the masses. That damned sure isn’t true anymore, especially not when you count the insane price of Detroit insurance. So we need public transit that actually works.

So what’s the story in the paper yesterday? Naturally. Detroit is gonna lose $7 million that we thought was going to our transportatio system, which is already screwed up. And now, bad as it already is, we’re supposed to make do with $7 million less?

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