Is Al Sharpton coming back to Detroit like he promised?

Where are you Rev?

This weekend here in Detroit will mark the 50th anniversary of the date when Dr. Martin Luther King previewed his famous “I Have a Dream” speech right here in the Motor City at Cobo Hall. I’m sure there will be plenty of good speeches and all that, but the one thing I would like to know right now is where is the Rev. Al Sharpton?

Several months ago in March Rev. Al showed up here in town and held a brief press conference before marching with a relatively small group of followers to the Federal Building where a lawsuit was filed challenging Gov. Snyder’s Emergency Manager law that he and his Lansing crew forced into place last December during a lame duck session under cover of darkness as a means of thwarting the will of his very own constituents who had voted decisively just one month earlier to get rid of the previous Emergency Manager law. But rather than listen to the will of the people who elected him he opted to give them the finger as he shoved his will right down our throats then said it was for our own good.

To replace an overthrown law with a law that is virtually the same is most likely illegal, which is why that lawsuit was filed in federal court. Rev. Al and his organization, National Action Network, were one of the parties filing the lawsuit along with a number of others questioning the legitimacy of what Snyder has done.

Anyway, during that press conference, Sharpton made it clear that he planned to return to Detroit with thousands of marchers ready to protest against that emergency manager law. I even speculated openly that perhaps this weekend would be the perfect time for him to make his appearance because what better time to shine the spotlight on the theft of democracy from America’s blackest large city – with the help of a black Emergency Manager appointed by the Thief in Chief – than on this anniversary of Dr. King’s famous speech. One can only imagine what Dr. King might have to say about how the votes of so many have been ignored – votes that Dr. King and so many thousands of others died to provide. Meanwhile, there is hardly a mention anymore of how Detroit Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr got his job, and no one dares state the obvious out loud that the man is illegitimate. Because his position is illegitimate. I will keep on saying it again and again that he should not be here.

You promised you were coming, Rev. Al. I hope you keep your promises.

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