Iron Man 3 and Me

Just for the fun of it









So I’ll be turning 55 tomorrow. I don’t have just a few gray hairs, I have a rapidly expanding community.

So what does a graying, 55-yer-old maturing (maturing? Pleasemale individual such as myself plan to do to celebrate (is that the word I really want to use?) the occasion when I stepped into reality?

Well, naturally I plan to go see Iron Man 3.

I make no apologies, man. I love big budget sci fi, fantasy, horror (sometimes), action, and all like that there. Sure I went to college. Graduated too. Not bad grades if I do say so myself.

But must one stay drenched in Shakespeare 24-7 just to prove the degree?

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2014-10-02 09:37:45 Reply

Wow the book sounds pertty interesting. The history of Sci Fi alone would be a good read. I spent most of my early years enjoy horror and comedy films. It wasn’t till the later years of Star Trek TNG that I got into Sci Fi movies. I love them now! Hmmm maybe while I’m at the book store I’ll pick up Just a Geek.


    2014-10-02 10:10:42 Reply

    Yep check it out. And although I’m a lifetime fan of sci fi, I’m also a huge fan of good horror. Clive Barker one of my favorite authors period. Hey thanks for dropping by!


      2016-05-17 11:38:37 Reply

      Well done to think of sohteming like that

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