I’m too tired to write. So I wrote this

Feelin kinda…

So a funny thing happened on the way to this post. I was gonna write about something else.

And I’m still planning on writing about that something else (most likely next Monday is what it looks like right now), because it’s a really good topic I think and I want to run my mouth about it. But what happened here (mere moments ago!) was just as I was dragging my tired frame in front of my computer after practicing an impressive variety of delay tactics, I get this message from one of my writing buddies about how he got this idea from me not to overthink before you write but just to go ahead and write. Which is definitely what I told him to do, and which is definitely what he did, and which is what led to this great piece of writing that he claims he wrote while extremely tired. But he knew he needed to write and couldn’t give himself the excuse not to, so he sat down and cranked it out.  Here’s a slice of what he wrote about:

Soon I found myself collapsing under the weight of my own sadness. I let people down. So many people. I lost friends, income sources, and so many more days than I can count. It still bothers me. The truth is, there is no getting around the process of loss. The only way out is through. I had to learn that the hard way. I failed at nearly everything. Then finally, I decided to give myself a break. Simplify. Take on only what you can handle. For six months, I even stopped writing. That was giving up a big part of me. It was necessary though. I had to clear my head before I could figure out what I wanted to say.

It was easy at first to walk away from my own written words. When it comes to writing, I follow the Dorothy Parker model. “I hate writing, but I love having written.” Not having the burden of pushing myself to do something I find difficult–if rewarding–relieved some pressure. There were still many days when getting out of bed was a complete mother. Being depressed will certainly rob you of your motivation.

Read the rest of “Get. Up.” by my good friend David Phillips right here. And I also want to thank him for making me write while tired even though he didn ‘t know he was doing so. Because this is what friends and writing buddies do.

Write or die, buddy. Write or die. You don’t write? I kill you.

Well, OK. But you get the idea.

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